The beauty of Pieniny

Why Szczawnica?


Located in one of the most gorgeous areas in southern Poland, on the border of Pieniny and Silesian Beskid, in a picturesque valley of the Grajcarek river, on an altitude 430 – 560 m.a.s.l. lies a town and municipality of Szczawnica counting 7,5 thousand inhabitants. The Pieniny resort is a fantastic tourist base which simultaneously hosts thousands of guests. Mountains are covered in woodlands of rich flora and fauna attracting amateurs of trail walking. Various tourist walking routes lead to the highest peaks of Pieniny and Gorce as well as nature reserves: Homole canyon, High Rocks (Wysokie Skałki), and to one of the most beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls of the White Water (Biała Woda) reserve. Routes are adjusted to the physical abilities of an average tourist and are also a great opportunity for family endeavors.


In the center of Szczawnica, one of the biggest attractions is a four-man chairlift which leads up to the peak of town, Palenica, where a panoramic view of the Tatra Mountains, Pieniny, Silesian Beskid and Szczawnica can be admired.


In the last years, wandering on the Nordic Walking trails has become a very popular form of tourism. In the past year, there have been 14 trails, rated differently according to difficulty, connecting Szczawnica to Slovakian resorts. A stay in Szczawnica is also a great opportunity to familiarize oneself with the charm of the Pieniny National Park and rafting down the Dunajec gorge. Szczawnica is also a great destination for biking and horseback riding adventures. In the area, there are already 6 assigned biking trails, almost 100km of different difficulties and distances.



In order to contribute to the attractiveness of Szczawnica and expand its touristic and Spa offers, many investments have been realized, such as the walking promenade along the Zdrojowa street as well as the reconstruction of the “Magdalena” water source.

Thanks to the specific microclimate and the presence of mineral waters, the town became specialized in curing airway, digestive and locomotor system problems, among many others. Szczawnica Spa has 12 mineral water sources.




Szczawnica is a quickly developing municipality which has been recognized for the most effective allocation of EU grants for various projects. The grants have been allocated to projects such as the renovation of roads, parkings, sewage and water systems, installation of sunlight collectors, parks, and the building of a walking promenade by the Grajcarek river, measuring 1800m, making it the longest in Poland. In addition, Szczawnica received subsidies for new bike trails connecting the Spas of the Poprad valley. The biking trails will connect the border Spa municipalities. Szczawnica also filed a request to subsidize various ecological projects which will also improve the infrastructure and quality of life for tourists and inhabitants alike.


Szczawnica won in the “Top 5” for the best touristic towns in Lesser Poland in 2016. Szczawnica also takes place in a contest for the “Most beautifully lit town and municipality 2016”. In this year’s edition of the contest, town and municipality Szczawnica received the title “Exemplary Municipality” in the tourism category.