About the investment


The hotel offers a cozy and boutique atmosphere which differs it from the competition that is localized in the Tatra and Podhale region, contributing to an easy relaxation atmosphere away from routine.

A fine restaurant offering a delicious choice of menu allows for a meeting place with other guests, serving as the center of the hotel but also allowing for a mental and physical rest from daily duties. The Hotel offers a stay in individually designed rooms with great character that is unique for Polish hotels. The planned Hotel will be localized in the heart of Szczawnica, directly neighboring Zdrojowa Park, in close proximity to all important tourist attractions of the town as well as the Palenica chairlift. Above all, the investment neighbors the newly built and mostly visited promenade by the Grajcarek river. The intention of the investor is to sell a proportion of the apartments which will be fully furnished and maintain the Alpine theme of the hotel.